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    Hope I can help
    By Connie

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    Playing is very valuable in dealing with young children. I wish our kindergarten teacher did more with play than having 5 year olds take spelling tests!!!!! Cooking, blocks, dress-up areas, puzzles etc. seem to be becoming less and less in vogue with Kindergarten. The need these socialization activities more than they need to do worksheets. Also this is early in the school year so I assume by spring your students will be doing more and more reading readiness things. Keep up with what you feel is good for your class. If there is a Kindergarten cirriculum,I bet it has in it what you are doing.

    Unfortunatley,all parents have been to school so they seem know everyting about eduaction. Many parents think Catholic schools should be better and more advanced than public schools. My feeling is that our difference is that religion is taught. I know lots of Catholic school parents that don't even take their kids or themselves to church. They think since they are paying money they can run the school as they see fit.

    Last, where I teach the Catholic schools office for the achdiocese is pretty unhelpful. They may just contact your principal and tell them of this parent but they if they have any knowledge of early childhood education they will agree with what you are doing in your classroom.

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