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    monday song
    By nettie

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    today is monday today is monday monday muffins mmmm muffins
    today is tuesday today is tuesday tuesday pizza hold up your pizza
    tuesday pizza hold up your pizza monday nuffins mmmm muffins all you hundry children and that's ok
    today is wednesday wednesday soup eat your soup
    today is thursday thursday sandwiches make your snadwiches
    friday chicken cluck cluck chicken
    saturday peanutbutter stickky sticky peanutbutter
    sunday ice cream lick your icecream
    you repeat every day
    mondya you rub your belly
    tuesday you hold up your pizza
    wedensday you dlurp your soup thursday you slap your hands together to make your sandwiches friday make wings like a chicken and saturday you have your hands act sticky sunday pretend to lick your icecream

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