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    You Need To Research Before You Make Accusations
    By People to People Ambassador: S

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    Hi, my name is Julia and I traveled with the People to People Student Ambassador program the summer of 2002 to Australia and New Zealand. When you say that your boss and wife got stuck signing their daughter up, you are completely wrong. Maybe that is the way your boss felt but their is no obligation involved when you attend the initial meeting. I really wanted to go after going to the first meeting and my family is a little tight on money. I knew that it would be a tough situation on my parents so I fundraised. I put up ads for babysitting at my younger sister's school,stopped buying lunch and packed lunch instead, saving $278, made many presentations after my trip to clubs such as the Rotary Club and Lions Club in exchange for support, and helped older people in a retirement community with daily chores. If their daughter was that serious about wanting to go, she can put in an effort. I earned $3843.65! I have learned so many valuable lessons in my journey to "down under" that I will carry into my adulthood. There are many rumours going around about the program not being non-profit, but even if they do make money, they deserve it,because they are the people that are building our country's future relations with foreign countries through kids like me. Please, next time you accuse someone of something, back up your case with proven facts because if I learned one thing from the Aussies, it would be that relationships mean the world and that the world is depending on Student Ambassador's relationships.

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