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    figurative language
    By danielle

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    hope this helps. the activities are for grade 5.

    Personification books:
    The Nose by Catherine Cowan
    Call Me Ahnihgito by Pam conrad
    Night Noises by Mem Fox (also for similes)
    also comic strips

    Simile and Metaphor books: Any chapter from Island of the Blue Dolphins and Maniac Magee depending on the grade level.

    for similes you can have them create riddles comparing two objects.

    metaphors: create a metaphor poem about their family. For example

    my family lives in a medicine chest:
    dad is the super size band aid, strong and powerful but not always effective in a crisis.
    mom is the middle size tweezer which picks and pokes and pinches.

    I hope you get the idea of the poem. The unit is the medicine cabinet and the elements are the things found in the cabinet.

    for personification: have them work with a partner and create a commercial that uses personification


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