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    By Jesica

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    This is a great book to explore the parts of the dictionary - syllables, pronunciation key, word origin, etc.

    Also, pick an object in your classroom. Let the kids rename it. While you are reading the book have the kids use the new name. Or you can just start calling something by a new name a couple of weeks before you start reading the book and see if it catches on. Every time you reach for a piece of chalk say, "I am going to use this _____ to write on the board now" or "Oops, I dropped my ________."

    Leads to good discussions about fads - the boy in the story got his word in the dictionary eventually but usually things like this are just fads that come and go - what are some current fads, old fads (talk about stuff from your childhood - they love that), etc.

    This is all I can think of right now.

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