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    Thank you for you concern
    By Patricia

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    Thank you for your concern over my body odor but I really wouldn't let it worry you that much. And as for making wearing perfume in public illegal? I wouldn't go to that extreme because I am not one of those "nut cases" that had smoking banned in public places. My parents are smokers and would love to stop but can't and I respect their right to smoke. I always liked the compromise of smoking and non-smoking sections but I guess there are some that are never satisfied and love to make others bend to their desires. Mom and dad choose to avoid places that don't allow smoking in favor of ones that do and that is their right. I think McDonalds is the only fast food place they can go to. I'm not sure about Hardees. So are you saying that there is absolutely no smoking in public buildings? Not even a smoking room? Are you a smoker? Just curious. And I guess I should point out that no one has complained about my body odor because I do bathe daily and use non-perfume products that leave me smelling fresh all day. No I don't smell like a perfume counter when I enter a room. Do you? Again just curious. I do keep a clean home using products not loaded with perfume and I also use them in the place I work. I don't dictate to students or teachers around me that they can't wear their perfume items. If they choose not to then I appreciate it but I never make issue of it. I don't keep candles or spray perfume in my environment but I'm sure that doesn't make me a nut case. I learned a long time ago how to function in a perfumed society and survive without pushing my health issues on anyone. The only time I have demanded a perfume free environment was when I was struggling to stay alive in the hospital six different times because of allergic reactions to medicine and perfume products I myself used before I knew that was what was trying to end my life. Having health issues that are deadly is no laughing matter as some seem to find it and my struggle to maintain an environment that I can live in doesn't make me a nut case. I know what triggers my asthma and allergies and I stay away from them. I do not expect society as a whole to forbid perfumes by law so I can live my life as a normal person. I know there are foods I can't eat, medicines I can't take,people I need to walk large circles around (without them noticing), and places I can't go. And if the people that work with me want to be kind and not expose me to their perfumes then I am grateful for their concern. Again I want to thank you for your concern over my bodily odors but you really don't need to worry so much. I thought about emailing you directly since you so graciously posted your email address at Yahoo along with your words of concern but then I decided not to make my response a private one. The only reason I have shared my health issues on this site is to help educate other teachers that using items that contain perfume could actually KILL a child or another adult with allergies. Has anyone tried the straw activity I posted under this thread? Of course it's not as severe as an asthma attack triggered by allergies but it gives a good idea what I and others like me go through. I remember an expecially bad asthma attack that I thought for sure I wouldn't survive. Nothing was helping and my face was turning blue and my lips were black. When I woke up, breathing normal again, the doctor told me that what I had experienced is what it is like to drown. It was horrible and the pain... I still have nightmares about it. I am sorry to go on but I feel strongly about sharing what I went through so that others will understand what it is like to have a student with asthma and allergies. It's no picnic. So Florida Teacher, I hope I answered your questions and that you will no longer worry about my body odor.

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