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    By Sharon D. W-L

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    I have a lot of talkers this year. Many can't sit still for a story or basic directions either. It is very frustrating. I have some that get sent back to their tables with their head down. I quietly say their name, "Kimberly" and hold up my hand and count backwards to zero. If they are not sitting properly (criss-cross apple sauce) and quietly by zero they loose an apple and then are sent to their tables for a heads down. Three lost apples equals a detention (10-15 minutes) which is done at a later time. I do try and invite them back if they are quiet, especially before we go to our seat work. Sometimes I add a little song or movement poem just to get them back into the group. They must say "Sorry" for interupting me before they are allowed to come back.

    I do not explain directions if they have been sent back to their tables and "missed" it. They have to "Ask three before me" to help them first. If three people can't help them then we stop and review the directions for everyone!

    If I have to do this "count down" too many times for one child then I just send the child back to their seat to calm down. And yes they do loose an apple. Plus they miss out on what we are doing. I have about 8 students that require this type of support/attention and with one to two intruptions per child it really takes time away from my lessons and the rest of the class so I have to be strict and really enforce it. It gives them a second chance without too much interption if they don't abuse it.

    I have also made assigned seating spots on my carpet this year for the first time. I mainly have girl boy in one row and then boy girl in the next row. We leave spaces for absent students. It only took a few days to get them to know where they sit. It did take extra time at first but was worth it! During seat work time students are allowed to move around if they haven't lost any of their apples. They like to change tables and sit with friends. For lunch and for quizes or tests they must sit at their assigned table, in their assigned seat.

    The book I use for manners is :
    Bear, Your Manners Are Showing
    by Kathleen Allan Meyer

    Also my whole class sometimes pays for running late. I have had a whole class heads down once already. In the past I have done it several times. Also if we don't get work finished I will not send them to Gym or Cree class or we are late serving lunch (which is done in the classroom) and then that means they are late for their playtime which at this time of the year in mostly inside due to the cold weather. Even if it is only a few who are interupting others can and do suffer.

    Good luck.


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