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    By angela

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    Hi Sharon:

    I have a couple of thoughts and questions.
    I think it will be a fun activity and a good learning activity. I have though, a couple of thoughts that happened when I taught my students about description. First of all they had a hard time describing Halloween characters, it took a lot to get them to think of words like creepy, scary, (they kept wanted to use words like little, big, green, red, yellow) to describe. It is because their vocab. is so limited.
    I would suggest that you limit your description of each sense to about 5, otherwise they have a hard time reading it and will constantly be asking you. I know I had about 20 describing words and they really hard a hard time reading them and then writing them in the cloze.
    Have your students done clozes before? I know in my class my students would have a hard time answering all 5 clozes
    It looks ___________
    It feels ___________
    It smells___________
    It tastes___________
    It smells __________

    I really think that drawing the body parts and labeling them before the board work would be a great idea.
    The board work, at least for my class, would be difficult, when I did my describing Halloween characters it took them over an hour to do it and I had two people helping me. Something you could do, if they have a hard time reading the descriptive words is come to a consensus, choose one word they agree on and write that one on the board. Thereby the limited readers could use that to copy and you could let your good readers choose something different if they preferred.
    I think this however, is a great lesson, and I know my students would love it.
    I hope I haven't made a mess of my notes.

    please let us know how it goes

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