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    Feedaback Please!
    By Sharon D. W-L

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    OK. Here's what I've come up with for my evaluation which is on Tuesday. I got an idea to adapt from Jacqueline Wildermuth. (
    Off my newsletter that is sent to me

    Science - Senses
    I will have a "Science item" in a brown paper bag and then in my shiny purple Discover Bag. We will use our five senses to explore this item. (I plan to use raisins because they can "taste" these. I will have student participants come up to help describe the following:
    It feels ...
    It sounds ...
    It smells...
    It tastes...
    It looks...

    We will record the describing words. Then we will fill in a journal/Science sheet to finish these sentences which will be on the board. There is a space for a picture so I think I'll ask them to draw the parts of the body we used to explore the raisins which we will discuss before we do the board work.

    Earlier in the day I also have two senses books that I will read aloud but these will not be part of this particular lesson. However it will be on the lesson plan that my evaluator will have a copy of.

    I could use the hard white peppermints instead of the raisins.



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