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    By allie

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    i agree with you....however i don't know what preparation the teacher gave her class for the assignment. i particularly dislike questions such as: "what will you remember most about this person?" - "their acting" is a correct answer and i can't see how marks could be deducted, unless the teacher explained (for example) "this question is worth 5 marks so i expect at least three different statements"...or whatever. i hate test questions that teachers so often set that they think are totally straight-forward, but are open to interpretation - often in ways that never occurred to them.
    anyway... this is only one assignment. i think you should meet with the teacher and discuss your concerns - probably don't expect the mark to change, but perhaps you could ask her to clearly go over her expectations with your daughter's class for future assignments. eg : "this is an 'A' answer".... or...."this question is worth 5 marks so you need to.."..etc.

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