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    also been there!
    By Suz

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    I can relate. I think that most teachers go through this (especially in their first year or so). I agree with the last poster...simplify! This was the advice my principal gave me during my first year.

    Don't correct everything yourseolf. Have the kids correct it. That way they get immediate feedback, it takes less time, and you can reteach a skill right on the spot. Sometimes you discover that the question has interpreted in a different way, or that there are actually more than one right answer. Afterall, textbook editors sometimes miss errors!

    Daily work doesn't need a grade. If you do it together in class, you may not even need to collect it. I'm sure that you are walking the room to check for student understanding, so you don't need to put a stamp or sticker on it.

    There will always be stuff that only you can grade. But, enlist parent help with other organizational things. I have several parents that can't come into the classroom due to work or small children, so i send things home for them.

    Right now, I have 2 parents making up my weekly math packets (3 weeks in advance). They love being involved and helping out, and I love that they can do these jobs that are time consuming.

    I have a mom who volunteered to check in the homework folders every Friday. I never had anyone do that before, but she did it for her son's first grade teacher, so I let her. Homework is not corrected with a fine tooth comb, I just check for completeness, and overall correctness. She puts a sticker on it if it's OK, and puts next weeks homework into the folders. I love it. And, recently she hasn't been able to come in due to back pain, so I send it home with her child so she can do it from home over the weekend! (Better her than me)

    I worried at first that parents would resent doing this kind of work. The opposite has happened. they are happy to help, and they are impressed that I am so organized that I can get things ready 3 weeks in advance!

    One caution__sometimes parents are not allowed to correct student work. Check with your district policy. Also, never allow correct another student's paper. This can make a low-scoring student upset, and can lead to big problems. I just have them get out a crayon or marker and we go over the answers. everyone corrects their own. i have them bring them up to me and I look it over quickly and put the grade in the book. I sometimes give out stickers for the kids to put on their papers.

    Hope that helps! Do not burn yourself out!

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