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    be careful

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    I agree with what a previous poster said. Be careful about what you say to the parents. I am not sure what state you are from, but here in my state we as teachers aren't aloud to even suggest the possibility of a child having ADD/ADHD, or any other disabilities.

    You may want to run this by your principal, ask for suggestions on how to approach this situation. He/She might want to sit in on the meeting just to keep things from getting out of hand on the parents part. It has happened before to me, when I suggested that a parent taught her son some manners, but when talking to her, I found out why he was so ill mannered. It was because of her influence on him. I told her nicley, Mrs. X, you son, Johnny is extremely disrespectful toward me, students, and other teachers. He flat out refuses to let anyone help him, he yells at us, and sometimes, he is physical. Her remarks was "So what, I could care less, it's your job to teach him, if aint wantin to learn, its his problem, stop taking it personal. As far as his manners go, I told him to treat others, like they treat him, so I guess that you are being rude to him"

    That hit me like a ton of bricks. My remark back was "I do take it personal, because it is my responsibility to teach these children their lessons, and unfortunally sometimes manners too, but with out help from parents, I am in a no win battle. "As far as I am concerned, if you aren't willing to have this meeting with an open mind, it's over. I will continue to offer my help to him, and continue to teach him manners, and when he messes up, he will be discliplined accordingly, and fairly to his misbehvior."
    She took it offensively, told the principal that I was rude, and flat out told her that she was a bad parent. She said that I told her that he was a waste of time in my class.

    i would never say that in a million years. Children aren't a waste in anyone's class.

    Just be careful about what you say, parents sometimes interpert what you are saying as a bad thing, and not always they have an open mind about their child, especially ones who think that solving the problems, lies with putting the blame on someone else.

    Sorry this message is so long, was trying to give an example of a similar problem that I had.

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