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    By Patricia

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    What on earth is there to WAPNATY about? Lord help us all if this phrase gets out of hand! I read Heather's post and saw no reaon to give her this reaction. Her post was an honest to goodness VENT and it should be respected as such. Just because someone posts something we don't agree with doesn't mean we should WAPNATY them. She wasn't attacking anyone just expressing her opinion.
    Heather I think your attitude toward letting this rest is heathly for you and the right thing to do. When I was in my 20's I was impatient and easily frustrated and so can understand how you feel about the way you have been trteated at your school. When I had first graduated I was devestated because I didn't get hired for the new school years. I was still hopeful though and decided to sub and so filled out the app and started to call principals. Before the first week was over I was busy! Then at the end of September I got a call from a school that needed a sub in a Title I room until a teacher was hired. In this county that means the job is yours but you have to play the waiting game. Well after interviewing for the job and the principal just loved me and kept going on about how well I fit in with the rest of the staff and saying we were just waiting on Central Office I had my hopes up! The Title office kept sending someone over to ask if I had heard from Centrral Office about signing the contract so they could get my training started because I was already behind and was I willing to make it up after school hours. Of course I said yes. After four weeks of waiting the principal came in my room and my heart fell because I could see how hard it was for her to hold back the tears and said that Central Office had just called and they hired someone else for the job. And could I stay in the room another week and hold the parent-teacher conferences because the new teacher wants to go on one last vacation before beginning work. She taught for a couple of years in another state and then took ten years off to raise her family. I stayed the extra week and the emotions of being rejected, yes that is how I say it, ate me up! We were barely hanging on financially and this job was going to save us! I lost the job promised to me to a teacher whose airline pilot husband was best friends with the new Assistant Director of Schools and I lost my car the next week because I didn't have the income to pay for it (I made $50.00 a day while in the room I was told would be mine) and all the debts that ran up while I was in school. Now this is where the tough get tougher or the weak whine and lay down and let everyone take a kick. Heather you are not alone in what you have gone through and I'm sure there are worse life stories out there. What you have to decide is how you are going to react to all of this and what you will learn from it and use that to make you a stronger person and a better teacher. I look back on everything I went through and realize that I needed to go through what I did. If I had traveled the easy road I don't think I would be as strong today as I am. I learned all kinds if cool tricks to use on the kids to get them to do what I want them to do! I learned FLEXIBILITY and feel that alone has made me a more confident person. Notice I said person? We are all people who hold jobs as teachers! Being a teacher doesn't make us better than someone who isn't and subs. So now is the time to take that anger you are feeling, and it is a health stage of growth as long as you don't stay in it, and get out there and use it to get what you want frfrom life! Grin and be nice until you can't and then do it some more. Show everyone around you that you may not be where you want to be but thank God you are not where you were! Learn to be happy where you are while waiting to get where you want to be. Life is like a huge waiting room at the doctor's office. You can either wait patiently and enjoy the down time or you can get worked up and be miserable. This is where you have to make a choice. You will never get out of that waiting room if you keep beating your head against the wall. That has been the hardest lesson I think I have learned as an adult (so far!) and I'm glad I'm not beating my head against the wall anymore! So Heather don't give up but if subbing is going to keep you angry then you need to find a job outside of education until a classroom comes your way. Why beat yourself up day after day with these feelings of anger and resentment? They could consume you and make you do or say something you will regret and then your reputation as a teacher will be ruined and you'll never get that room! Good luck in your choice and I wish you much happiness in life!

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