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    What should I say that would make you happy?
    By heather

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    I guess that everyone is still concerned wtih my tone of message ans do forth. Maybe I should apologize for it, maybe I shouldn't. I am going to say , however, that I am ending this discussion on rudeness, and negativity. I could care less what anyone has to say from this point on. I am tired of defending my feelings, and my tone of message. My point that I was trying to make in the first place is that I have worked at this particular school for 4 years, almost every single day. I have had a class for almost a full school year. They hired a teacher, so I was promised another temp. position. When they hired this friend of a friend of a friend, it made me mad, not to mention hurt, because not only had I been promised this position, it was given to someone who had never had any expereice in the education system, and I was turned down in front of several teachers, students, parents and staff. It was hurtful. I came onto this board to release some anger, and stress that I had. yea, I had a chip on my shoulder while writing this message, so originally, my tone, was sort of wrong. I do admit that. This isn't the way that I do at work. I take each and every one of my jobs seriously, and never show any sort of negative emotion. I keep it inside until I get home, usually go in my workout room, and exercise. I thought that it would be ok to vent here that day, MY MISTAKE! I am sure that there have been others that have made totally out of the way comments, and some that can relate. I appreciate all messages, except those who are trying to turn my message into something it isn't. Those were my feelings, and I am not going to apologize for any of them. I do, however, apologize for mentioning names, that was wrong of me to do so. Bye to all, catch ya on the next message

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