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    To Heather
    By Cathy-Dee

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    I do agree that some comments that were made were rude and should not have been, but there you go again writing out names of a number of posters who have responded and then apologizing to any if they hadn't written rude comments. Why not take a few extra minutes and really look through the comments before making that type of statement.

    I have had my share of problems and bad days, and I've even vented in the past and I know I'm not perfect. You wanted advice, I shared my thoughts and did not necessarily agree with you but I thought I kept my comments on the polite side. And when I respond I do often think about how I would handle things if the same thing happened to me and I wouldn't have written a vent quite the same way you did.

    Things are not always fair and people are not always going to agree with you or even support you. Anyone can choose to vent on these boards and anyone can respond. However we do not have to agree with your perseption of the problem and this is not being rude.

    Commenting on typing or spelling mistakes can be rude if it is done in a rude manner.
    Making personal statements about you, especially negative ones, is also rude.
    Disagreeing with what you have said is not being rude unless in that disagreement rude comments about your thoughts were made.

    I sincerely hope that you do get a position in teaching that you want and in a school where your dedication is appreciated.

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