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    I'll add on..
    By Jami

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    Mine won't be nearly as excting as the above stories, but here's my 2 cents:
    It'll be a bad day subbing when...

    * You come in to the classroom, after a school vacation and find the planbook empty. Not only that, it's been empty all year (and it's now January!)

    * You come in, get settled at a school, only to find out that they've now switched your assignment at 8:25. School starts at 8:40. The other school is like 5 mi away. 20, with traffic!

    *You keep the majority of the class in for misbehavior, and all they do the entire 20 min is scream that "You're mean!" "We're missing recess!" "What did we do wrong?" "I'm telling my parents"
    That was the worst 5th grade I ever subbed for in my life..they misbehaved SO badly that day..talking back, interupting the lesson, you name it, it was done!!

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