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    worst for me
    By Shelly

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    The worst thing that ever happened to me when I subbed was the day I was in a middle school. I was filling in for a seventh grade reading teacher. I was just going about my business, going over a story with the kids while standing at the front of the room when all of a sudden, the entire class began to laugh!!! Considering that nothing was funny about what we were doing, this seemed to be so out of context. They all just sat in their seats, looking at me, and laughing. I was puzzled, and I am sure that this must have shown up on my face. After the kids left to go to their next class I found a note on the floor. It said: "At 1:23 look at the sub and laugh as hard as you can. Pass this note on to everybody." The next time I subbed for this same class, they tried it again, only I just rolled my eyes at them and said, "Really, guys, don't you have anything more original?" I guess they must try this on every sub. Only problem is that they must have forgotten that they did this to me before, ha, ha.

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