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    By Julianne

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    I'm assuming you're talking art or craft projects. A sewing project is fun and most first graders can handle it. One project is a bean bag. Cut a piece of felt about 3" x 6". Fold it in half and have your student sew two of the raw edges closed. Now help them fill it with beans and sew the last edge closed. We use oversized darning needles that aren't real sharp with crochet cotton as thread. Another sewing project you can do is make a pouch from leather. We found a leather clothing factory that saves us bags of scrap leather, so the material is free. I cut a strip about 4" x 10", then use a leather punch to make the holes the students will use to sew it together. Fold the piece like an envelope with a flap. Have the students sew up one side, leave a loop and sew down the other side. The loop becomes the pouch handle. You can use leather strapping or yarn for thread, and for this project plastic needles work fine. Use velcro as a closure.

    If you don't want to sew, you can make a cute stained glass candle holder out of a baby food jar and tissue paper. Cut colored tissue into rectangles and triangles. Have the students coat a bit of the jar with white glue and smooth tissue onto it. Cover the entire jar this way. It doesn't matter if the tissue overlaps, in fact it's cute that way. When the jar is completely covered with tissue the teacher can paint a thick layer of glue over the entire thing. This drys clear and makes a shiny surface. When it's completely dry, have the student use a black permanent marker to make lines between the bits of "stained glass". Add a votive candle.

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