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    Writing (Words) Around the Room
    By Sharon D. W-L

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    A station (centre) that I use is called writing around the room. For the 10-20 minute block each child (4-6) has a clipbaord and a piece of paper and a pencil. I give them a half sheet of paper. They have to walk around and write down words. They often print their names and the names of others they can read. They get these off desks, charts and our word wall. They also copy the word wall words and even poems, songs or pieces of them. Others copy the alphabet or the numbers off charts. It all depends where they are. Some just try and copy what another student is doing (the "leader" is often a fast printer.) They just are at a different place I don't actually call them the leader but you can tell who's in charge of the group.

    When they are done or two minutes before have them count up their words if you like. Date the work and hole punch it. Every few weeks save it in a portfolio to show changes over time. Other times just let them take it home and show it (Read it) to someone they love.


    PS: I have a few who revert back to drawing so if I saw pictures I told them they had to print a word and then do a simple sketch but the word has to come first.

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