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    witches brew (long)
    By Angela

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    I found a copy of it. It is long so here goes.
    Materials needed:
    overhead projector
    red, yellow, green and blue food coloring
    A teaspoon of seltzer (eno)
    a glas pie tin half-filled with water.
    A few witch silhouettes to lay on the overhead at the beginning of the story
    A piece of yarn.&pip;
    One stirrer.

    Boys and girls, when summer is over, and you are getting ready to go back to school, the Halloween witches are also very busy making plans for Halloween. They gather from all over the world; big witches, little witches, fat witches, skinny witches, ugly witches, silly witches, and old witches will hop on their broom sticks and fly far far away to the cave of the oldest, meanest, and ugliest witch of all. Each one will bring with her a secret ingredient to be put into the pot of brew.
    The old witch is ready and waiting for them. Her lazy black cat is asleep by the fire, and a large pot is filled with wter and hanging over the fire. Would you like to take a look inside the pot?

    (Remove the witch silhouettes from overhead and place the glass pie plate with water in it on stage.)

    Watch it carefully. The ugly old witch is saying, "Fellow witches, let's begin our brew. What have you brought with you to make it more horrible than last year? I am putting some green slime from the darkest corner of my cave into it.
    (Drop 2 drops of green food coloring into water.)

    "I have a drop of blood from a lion's tail," said a skinny little witch from Africa.
    (Add drop of red food coloring.)

    "I will add some juice from a very evil curse," said another.
    (Add 3 drops of blue coloring.)

    "heh,heh, wait till you see what I brought!!!! It is the eyes of two dead fish," said another.
    (Add 4 drops cooking oil.)

    "Let me add the vile from the liver of a bat killed at midnight," screamed an fat old witch.
    (Add 3 drops of yellow coloring.)

    "Here are a couple of snake eyes... and a snake!" shouted one.
    (Add 2 drops cooking oil and the yarn.)

    "I risked my life getting some rattlesnake poison," shouted another.
    (Add 2 drops yellow coloring.)

    And so, one by one, the witches added their secret ingredients to the brew. The mean old witch carefully stirred it.
    (Slowly stir the brew.)

    The fire becoame hotter and hotter, and soon the brew began to bubble and boil. If you listen carefully you might even hear it.
    (Spread a teaspoon of eno on the brew. It will fizz and bubble for a minute, and turn the mizture black.)

    Now the horrible witches cackle gleefully as they hop and dance aournd their horrible witches brew. Each one takes a vial of it, hops on her broom stick and flies off screaming, "Happy, Spooky, Halloween"

    That is the story I have, I didn't have the glitter part, but maybe you can add it somewhere.
    Hope there are not too many typos.

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