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    Geometry Art!
    By LindaR

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    I had my 4th graders do art projects with the different angles and lines. I was really impressed how my "low" kids quickly jumped way ahead of their peers with the vocab.

    After one day of looking around the room and identifying various angles (each day we added another angle or two), I had them create (for HW) anything they wanted out of angles (pre-printed). We continued to focus on geometric art for a week. You can even have them do nightly HW where they have to draw something from home with particular angles.

    Of course, through inclass activities, I put together angle posters for our word wall.

    After the required angles and lines were learned, I had the kids choose at least three angles and lines in which they had to create some "masterpiece," but they had to identify them (whenever I would specify a small amount, most of them would compete to see who could get the most). We then shared as a class. That seemed to be the winning activitiy

    9-11 was heavy on their minds at the time, and lots of flags, WTC, and planes were drawn. I was very impressed, though, with their recognition of the many different angles and lines.

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