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    Work w/ a teacher w/has kid in class
    By Diana

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    I team teach with a teacher that has her child (Kinder) in the class. He is a total brat. I get very frustrated because she just seems to reinforce this behavior by giving into his whining and tantrums. The other kids see this and try to get away with the same type of behavior. I don't want to rock the boat so I just keep my mouth shut but I don't see how she can't read my mind. Her child is always the line leader, flag leader, and gets chosen for everythibg. I started putting the kids names on craft sticks with their name so that we could pull out the kids names so everyone gets a fair turn. It turns out I am the only one enforcing. I have never had problems with her and actually like her very much. I don't want to make my workplace a living hell. I don't think there is anything I can do. She is sensitive and will take whatever I tell her the wrong way, I am sure! Just using this little space to vent!

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