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    Similar problems
    By MKat

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    I sub at my kid's school where I am also PTA President. I'm running into all sorts of conflicts with turning down jobs. I've been requested several times where I look on my little calendar in my purse and discover I've already got a volunteer commitment that day. I notice now I'm being asked less - people think I'm too busy! I'm hoping this will happen less as my PTA commitments lesson after the start of the year rush - but afraid people won't ask any more! I figure whichever gets on my calendar first wins so I'm not backing out of commitments.

    I have also turned down several long term assignments (one last year, one already this year) because I really don't want to work every day with my other commitments. I think this is hard for my principal to understand - and some of the teachers too.

    I had good luck last year with making myself available a couple days a week in the general sub pool, but only for assignments at my school. When people see me working around the building they start requesting again. I was hoping to do requests only this year, but may have to take morning calls as well again to keep myself visible as a sub (not just seen as a volunteer!).

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