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    native americans
    By michele

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    I am currently teaching a N.A. unit, and my class is really enthuiastic about it. I have turned it into more of a simulation, to help keep interest going.

    I broke my class into groups, and each group took a region of our state. They then choose a tribe that was native to that region, and are researching the different aspects of thier tribe and region.

    I have copied pictures of different tools, foods, etc. that the different tribes used, and had these out for positive rewards, for instance, which ever group sits quietly first will get a tool, or which ever group completes their assignment the most completely will receive a tool. This is really encouraging them (which was a surprise to me!!)At the end of the unit, I plan on having a trading party where each tribe will trade witht he others for the number of each tool that we say they need to have.

    At the same time, we are reading about each group and the regions of our state. At the end of the unit, each tribe will be responsible for telling about their particular tribe, but all are responsible for all of the information too.

    We are also reading legends from the North West and doing some legend writing too.

    Hope this helps, sorry it's so long!!


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