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    late students
    By Connie

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    I teach first grade and what I do is start without them. Some kids won't take the time to look in their desk for books ,pencils etc. Guess what? When I don't wait for them all their stuff magically appears. I know we as teachers are taught not to begin a lesson until you have everyones attention. With my group I would never teach a thing. I get the train rolling and they better run to get on board or be left at the station. I will say,"For all you that are ready now I'm going to begin because it's unfair to keep you waiting." I give all the same amount of time if work is not finished I collect it finished or not. I use my good judgement as to why the work was not finished.
    I did this with listening on Friday. Many in my class do not want to listen so I only said things one time and those that listened got it. The rest got upset and then very quiet when they relized I wouldn't repeat. Or if a student read something very quietly aloud so it could not be heard by all I told the rest who complained that they couldn't hear. I told them to be quiet and listen next time so they could hear if not they could read the directions themselves.
    My problem is being consistant with this.

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