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    By vl

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    Some of the differences I have found in teaching vs. the business world are:
    Teaching requires a lot of time outside of the classroom. (Many other jobs require a lot of extra time too). As a teacher I am off when my own kids are off for the most part, a perk I didn't have in the business world. I make a lot less money than I did as a business professional, but the intrinsic rewards are much better as a teacher. I feel comfortable putting family priorities at the forefront of who I am as a teacher. In my previous career, the company and bosses wanted my first priority to be them. I am actually encouraged to take a sick day when I need to for myself or for my child as a teacher.
    Something almost unheard of in my business career.
    All of my business training has been useful as a teacher though. I have a good understanding of how to organize materials and work as efficiently as possible. I find that being a second career teacher has it's advantages. Because I am older and more experienced in life, a lot of things don't bother me that would have if I were younger and less experienced. Because I am also a parent I gain respect from the parents of my students, not only as their child's teacher, but as a fellow parent.
    One thing I had a hard time getting used to, was the last minute nature of teaching. Changes to schedules or agendas. It seems like school administrators have so much to do, they often put things off until the last possible moment which in turn puts me in a position of having to do things at the last possible moment, which I generally try to avoid for my own sanity.
    I'm not sure if this is what you were hoping for, but I hope it helps.
    Best wishes.

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