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    Emergency passes
    By Suz

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    At the beginning of the year, I make 2 passes per kid and personalize them with their name. At first I let them use them both in a week. Then the 2nd week, I up it to 2 weeks. then I go for the whole month. It works well because there is a reward for not using the passes, and there is a penalty for using both and still needing to leave to go to the bathroom.

    The penalty is a loss of recess if they use both passes and still have to leave to go to the restroom.

    So, the beginning of each month they get the passes back (if any were used). At the end of the month, they get a prize, such as a cool pencil, eraser or whatever. The kids who used their emergency passes up will usually get some motivation to try harder next month!

    I got the idea from an awesome teacher on my staff, and many of us have started using it. Parents are supportive when they hear why I am implementing them, and they usually support me when their child is a repeat offender! Just be sure to send a note home about your policy.

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