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    Keeping motivated
    By Cheryl

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    I have a number of fourth graders who are motivated by filling their index card boxes with cards naming the books they've read along with a summary. So many of my kids have their boxes sitting right on their desk and I ask them to write their name on the board to let me know they want to conference. This month the excitement has been strong because I've introduced Pizza Hut certificates that I give out once they're read four books. They need to conference with me before I give them the certificate. I have also hung up paper books from the ceiling which shows the rest of the class and visitors how well they are all doing. My 18 year old neice recommended the index card boxes to me this summer because she recalls that the yar she had the teacher who required the index card box, she really became a great reader(for her that was 5th). So far it does seem to be creating momentum. With my enthusiastic readers I'm adding a new feature hoping to get them signed up to so that I can get a handle on how well they're comprehending.
    I confess that I do have my fingers crossed hoping that most of my kids will meet the standard set by the state--reading 25 books in a year.

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