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    In a not-as-bad-as-yours situation a good principal of mine told me, "Fight only the battles you know you can win. Save your energy for the important ones." In your case, what you're doing isn't winning for anyone, is sounds. If you're not required to have a website or published e-mail, shut them down. Find something 2nd grade level on nouns and give it for the test. (DON'T tell them) If they do well, praise. Success breeds success, and if they actually can't do what you're asking, they will shut down. Don't fight the grade battle with parents--it isn't worth it. So what if you give 10 points more than you think it's worth? 100 years from now NOBODY will know or care. Don't assign projects if you don't have to--do everything in class. That parent was probably upset because SHE did most of the work (as is often the case with these do-at-home projects). I'm not saying teach nothing, just accept a little less as enough. You can still teach a lot even if you lower the level and raise the grades--and save yourself for another year when things are better. This battle may not be worth fighting.

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