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    Heather . . .I hear you
    By Lainy

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    I am a fully certified teacher currently working in a substitute capacity. I have a lot of experience in academics from pre-school through HS. I graduated with numerous honors and I know I am more qualified than other permanent teachers that I fill in for.

    I can relate to what point you have been attempting to get across on this forum. What I want to add is the remark that was addressed in reference to me, from permanent teachers, to parents on more than one occasion. The remark was this, "Oh, she just a sub." JUST A SUB! Now I know most teachers are probably not like this, at least not in my area but how offensive can one be? The remark was not because I had done anything that needed to be addressed it was simply to make a parent aware of who I was. I wanted to grab these teachers and choke them!!!! Thank goodness I can maintain MY professionalism!

    Also, I find it extremely annoying when teachers come in just to explain their "very detailed, easy to follow, well written" plans. This was most annoying to me when the 1st grade teacher that both of my children had took ½hour to go over the afternoon work that I was to administer to her students. . .let me repeat, 1st grade class. Now she knows how I work with children, knows I'm fully certified, knows I'm very experienced, etcetera, etcetera...Just leave me alone already! I'm not going to permanently damage anyone. Okay?

    Hang in there Heather.

    And Oh, this wasn't meant to offend anyone who has posted to this string. This was simply to relate to Heather.


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