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    telling it like it is
    By Jacey

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    I consider myself to be fair and open minded- plus very kind and nice. Rarely do I ever say something mean about another person- unless they deserve it. ( I sound like a saint don't I- LOL) If I ever say anything about a sub that is a negative comment, and yes- I have, then in my opinion- they deserved it. They were incompetent in my class. I don't care if they hold a doctorate in education- when i come back from being out and find my room is a mess, nothing got done, and a general air of chaos, I will make a comment about that person.

    However, I do not "snub" all subs. I LVOE and appreciate subs. I cannot imaging subbing in my district.. it would be very hard and I have great respect for those that do (sucessufly that is.)

    It makes me wonder about the comments you are hearing. Maybe they are justified? Who knows... And if they are not- well what can you do. Ignore them and show the teachers that you are competent...great even... and then maybe they will think before the speak.

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