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    I know everyone gets frustrated sometimes, but come on. I was going to say what Kris said about the teachers you complain about are the ones that are like that with everyone. I would never say those things to a sub, but like Cathy-Dee said, we are very experienced in general, especially with our own group of children that we spend 5 days a week with. It's sort of like a relationship to me. Sure you can learn about relationships by just dating people once or twice(subbing), but boy do you learn so much more by being married or committed to them in a long-term relationship(having your own class)!

    The remarks Heather made about teachers not being able to take a day off without subs-yes it's mostly true and that's why most of us appreciate them. However, at my school I know that we would rather split our class up and give 3-5 students to teachers who are there when we're out, than leave our whole class with a less than competent sub or one with an attitude. And this is a practice we do put into effect if we have to leave for a doctor's appointment or if we get sick, etc.

    It seems to me that Heather is just going through a frustrating time right now, or that perhaps she needs to try subbing at schools where teachers don't get under her skin like she's allowing them to do.

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