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    It's Not Your Class
    By Nikki

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    While I am a first year sub, I am not a stranger to teaching individuals. As a QA Analyst that was laid off from WorldCom earlier this year, I have been part of corporate training for the past 3 years. It was then that I learned that even the best laid plans, such as lessons plans, sometimes have to be slightly modified when the class isn't responding as predicted, the subs aren't familiar enough to carry out a particular part or the plans aren't detailed enough and seems confusing to both the class and the sub.

    In just my 4 weeks of subbing, I've seen some teachers be very detailed and others who barely give a workable outline. Because of this, I learned, just like during my WorldCom days, to have alternate plans that are related to the subject that I'm subbing for. As the professional I am supposed to be, I spend many hours per week researching different subjects for my upcoming assignments that week. So yes, I do have to be prepared to switch if need be. But I also let the teacher know why it needed to be done in my end day report to him/her.

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