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    Help with Andrea's Paper
    By Carol

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    Hi Andrea. I was a sub until this past September, so I think I can see both sides of the issue. Hope I help some.

    First, the advantages of subbing are definitely choosing which days you want to work and which days you don't. If you really are wiped out one day then you are free to take the day off without any guilt. I really miss having some free time to myself. Subbing is also a great way to see which grade level that you would like to teach if you ever decided to become a full time teacher.

    I agree with Ken about the disadvntages-the anxiety of whether the phone is going to ring in the morning for a job, no benefits. Also, the little respect that the teaching profession and some teachers themselves have for subs. Some people in the schools look at you as you have no business being there!

    I would tell first time subs to relax and have fun. Always be prepared with a bag of tricks for all grade levels in case work isn't left for you or if you have extra time. Most importantly, don't let some days get you down when they are frustrating one. Know that you are not alone and it happens to the best of us. The most important part of the job-Dismissal!!! Make sure that everyone gets on the right bus. Give yourself extra time to account for everyone.

    Lastly, the difference between subbing and full time teaching is definitely the respect that you receive by both other teachers and the students when you teach fulltime. Also, there are more responsibilities and ALOT of paperwork.

    Hope I helped some. Good luck with your paper. I am working on one as well for my thesis paper for Grad School.

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