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    Thank you!
    By Tricia

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    Thank you so much for your support! I have come to rely on this site while going through the politics of getting a classroom! I just found out that the county I live in cannot pass a budget and so will shut down next Friday! And I'm watching the board meeting and they are setting up teams to work on the 2003-2004 budget! How can they move on with that until this one is done? And the people in the teams are the same ones that messed up this years! Plus there is a hiring freeze in place for the rest of the school year and if anyone goes out them the kids will be split into existing classrooms! And if a bus driver goes out? Then the drivers have to take on greater routes! My dad signed a contrract that said he was employed for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon and he and the others have already said NO WAY! They barely do their routes in two hours as it is! We could really have an awesome school district if they would clean house and get rid of the good old boy politics! Hiring here is based on who you know and or who you are related to NOT on what a teacher is capable of! Oh well! I'm not going to let it ruin my daily life anymore but would love to be able to help change things but you know how that works! I'm finding things to enjoy each day and am excited about what each day has to bring! I never thought I would reach a place where I could say that! It feels really good! I know I will have days that I won't feel so perky and excited but that is normal! I have so many hobbies and interests to keep me busy. And of course next week I am going to get out there and look for a job outside of education until that classroom comes my way! Are you ladies making stuff for when you get a classroom? I've been working on morning meeting stuff and other wall stuff and I was just wondering what you are are doing because I love making things and would love ideas! I'm thinking about incorporating that into my resourse site! A section on how to make stuff and I guess I could start with something I'm making! And a response button of opinions or something! Well better scoot!

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