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    Hints around the home to help you have more time to study
    By Emma C

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    Hi Andrea, I'm not really sure what kinds of tips or hints that I can give. I am an Australian mother of 4 children aged 3 and 1/2, 2 and 1/2, 1 (and a little bit!) and I am also 6 months pregnant. My husband and I are both currently studying full time and he has a part-time job. We have found a couple of useful things that we do around the home to help us have the energy to study and work in the classroom.

    We cook all of the meals on a Saturday for a fortnight. It doesn't take that long once I get chopping! Then we freeze them in usable portions. This is helpful when we come home late and are too tired to cook.

    I iron and prepare all of the outfits for myself and the kids on the weekend. I know this is a really general and normal thing to do but I also pair socks, underwear, hats and jackets on the same coathanger so that I can grab everything easily. In fact, the kids love to help choose their clothes for the week. They even help put them away.

    We put aside general house cleaning and opt for playing for the kids while they are awake. If someone comes and the house is a mess - so be it! We just let it go!

    We prepare all of the next days needs the night before and put them on our 'tomorrow' table. That way it's easy to grab everything in the morning.

    We set aside time at night to study, plan and re-group!

    I know that it's not easy to study, be a mum, run a home and work in the classroom. There are times when it all seems too hard, and when this happens I take a deep breath and a time out. I focus on the positive reasons for studying and working hard. Then I look at my little children and remember that it is for their future too that I do what I do.

    Kind regards - Emma

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