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    By LindaR

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    Because homework is not supported by the vast majority of parents in my school, I don't weigh it as heavily as in-class assignments, quizzes, projects, and tests. I don't tell that to my students, of course, because I'm trying to help them be responsible for their own learning as much as possible. Besides, some students might turn in HW that's been totally done by a parent, which then wouldn't be a fair measurement of achievement for them, either!

    SO... I give 5 points for HW turned in completed and weigh the total HW assignments for the grading period at 10% of total grade. I use a fabulous grading program (Easy Grade Pro) to record points, and then it automatically averages the scores based on the weights that I submit.

    I use rubrics for projects, which allow students to manage their time and work more easily, as well as know the grade they'll be earning.
    I don't always know exactly what a project or in-class assignment should be worth, so I usually compare the work of several different students (high, middle, low) to determine points.

    I set up my grading program to have different categories for the grading scale, READING for example: Tests (40%), Quizzes (25%), Classwork (25%), Homework (10%), and Extra Credit. Each subject might be different with the weights.

    This works for me

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