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    Granny Likes Being Old!
    By teachingranny

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    Oh , if I knew THEN what I know now!Looking back, I would NOT want to be in my 20s again. You THINK you know yourself....but most say later that they Really didn't know want they wanted in life. I think the term is "I am trying to find myself.". I know I JUST started knowing the REAL ME in my late 30s and early 40s. I think age has made me a better teacher. I trust my judgement better. As you might have guessed from my user name(teachingranny, which I use on all the chatboards I go to) I am very comfortable with being 53 years old(young)." Maturity" ,shall I call it,and more life experiences to chalk up than the younger set brings some kind of inner confidence that I did not have in my 20s and 30s. You asked about job security. No problem here. I once had a principal in my district tell me that a school needs the wisdom and experience of older teachers and the fresh exuberance of the new teachers for a healthy school.Our district has no problem with older teachers. In fact, our school board sponsors a retirement tea every May for retirees . Many have taught 30 or more years. There are plenty of older teachers in my district. I have never witnessed hiring by age or salary scale in my district.We have a great personel office and director. You asked did other older teachers feel respected. I DO feel respected. I am treated respectfully and included for the most part with the younger teachers except their social life outside of school. We older teachers tend to be caught up with families, volunteer work, and grandchildren. I just don't have time to do the Tupperware/casino/bowling/mall trips 'thing".I get tired a little quicker than my young co-workers.:>) One of my dearest co-worker friends that is my age lives just 8 miles from me, but we stay too busy to even get together on week-ends. She is at a different school this year and I have not seen her in over a month.(Are you reading this, C.F.?..hint,hint!) BUSY>>>>>>) I live in the deep south where young people are brought up to say "yes mam" to their elders(to the point of downright annoyance,actually.). So its"yes'm" this and "yes'm" that.Traditionally, they carry that on into adult relationships. I FEEL OLD when they all are first naming each other, but I on the other hand am always called Mrs._______. I WISH they would call me by my name , like they do among themselves. In fact , I ask them to and they agree, but never follow through. Oh well. Age does have its advantages in this job, at least in my case. Parents do seem to be uneasy about first year teachers and sometimes they can do the same thing I do and they will get flack and I will not have even one disgruntled parent over the same activity! I do think my comments and ideas are taken more seriously than the same would have been in my younger years.Younger teachers come to me for my suggestions.They sometimes say, I know you probably have tried such and such.... I am careful to ask for their ideas as well.( Just so they will know that I don't think I know EVERYTHING.) Even if I have already used the idea years ago, I just praise them for sharing that with me. I love listening to them explain their ideas with such excitement! They get overwhelmed at times because they want to try it all! .It makes me excited again. I try to stay current with what youth is "into "and trends. TV, the internet, and having 12 grandchildren pretty much keeps me current. ( I know who Brittney IS!:>)) I wonder if they know who Placido is? If I say I love The Righteous Brothers, would they think that was some evangelical team? Ha! So, yes, I am old and proud of it. But I am not like crusty moldy old bread... I am like a fine aged wine!

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