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    Positive Points
    By oldie

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    Thank your for the reminder of the positives. Unfortunatly, unlike the first poster, I've had a lot of health problems the last few years (seen the operating room 3 too many times, etc)--so I probably feel and look even older than I am! I'm working on it, but the results seem only to keep me going for now. But, you are right about being able to talk to parents. They aren't nearly as intimidating now as they were when I was younger. As for faculty meetings, sometimes I have to remember that the fellow my son's age is MY principal, and not talk to him like he was a kid! I want to share what I've learned, to make that road a little less bumpy for the newer ones, but I don't very often feel that they think what I have to offer is valuable. I suppose everyone has to have thier turn riding the pendulum and perhaps they feel that I'm dragging down the momentum. But there's so little new in education--new terminology, but few really new ideas. The good ideas survive and the bad ones fall off at the high point of the pendulum swing. I've watched it swing since the swingin 60's and I know it will return, so I just don't jump on anymore. Is that what makes the youngers think I'm too old? So often I just want to say, "Honey, use your energy to get better at balancing what you see on that pendulum instead of chasing it back and forth." Maybe chasing is just part of being young, like puppies and baby calves in springtime. And maybe I should just sit back and enjoy watching them grow.

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