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    kids in school
    By Connie

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    I actually taught all of my three kids in first grade it was not easy because there was no break from school when you got home. One went all grades k-8, one went 1-6 and my last went k-4. My first two were easier then my last. The last child is strong willed and demands lots of attenction. I got tired of dealing with every report of her day from the teachers, students and principal. She could not get away with anything. I got bothered in the middle of teaching my class with problems from her. The staff would not interupt parents at work like they did to me and she was not the worst child in the school but it made me feel like she was. I think it made her feel like she was too. In fifth grade I put her in another school. She tried her stuff the first few weeks and was in the principal's office in a heart-beat. After that she settled down. She loves her new school, riding the bus, new friends and even the day care provider. This school is her school not mine so there is no competition for her. It is hard on a child to see a parent give attention to other children. She is still no angel but I have more patience with her since we have some time apart.
    Each child is different. They all have different needs. So what was good for my first child was not the same for the rest. I love her new school too and the teachers they are the best!

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