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    Now you're a REAL teacher!
    By Hang in there...

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    Now you have a classroom of students and another student on the side. What a big compliment you principal has given you to ask you to try to mold another teacher! You say you're staying late to finish. One of the lessons your new student needs to learn is how much work is really involved, so ask her to do the things that she can do, like run off both of your class's papers, and cut both of your class's things, for both classes, while you are taking care of your business. Explain to her that you need the extra time to get things together because you want to be sure that you're able to help her without leaving out anything she would benefit from. As you see her becoming more proficient in certain areas, let her plan and prepare for both of you in those while you handle more complicated things that need your expertise. Let her do your bulletin boards--goofy ones are usually pretty good at things like that! while you are gathering and compiling what you need to teach your class and help her teach hers. Teach her to refile your things--she needs to learn a good system--and she can make copies for herself before she refiles them if she wants to build her own file. As for sharing all you've accumulated, I can relate to that. It feels unfair at first, but in the long hawl it feels good when you see her students doing better because of you. It sounds like you're trying to carry more of a load than is your fair share. She needs to do for you, too...but you're going to have to tell her what and how. Don't feel guilty for asking her to do for you; that's how she's going to learn and it evens out the who-owes-who of it. She may well feel guilty for taking all of your time but just not know what to do. As for your principal, sounds like a man--"I told you last week."!

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