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    Yours must be the low iq
    By that you can't accept

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    If you really really care about the child, you want what fits him and helps him the most. I've never seen a low iq kid get as much from mainstream as he could one-on-one. Yes, he needs to be included in social activities as far as his ability allows, but it's a disservice to him as well as the others to have him sit through something that doesn't fit him academically, just as it is a disservice to the ones who can go on to have to sit and wait for him. Both low IQ and GT kids have special needs, but sometimes we forget that their needs, no matter how sad or how delightful, do not outweigh the needs of the regular IQ regular ed kid. Once in a while somebody needs to stand up for them, too. Lady, if people like me weren't in education, kids like yours wouldn't have teachers fighting like crazy to get them everything they need to reach thier full potential instead of letting them sit through classes they don't understand just because they're old enough-- while they wait until they're 22. Accept your kid for what he is and then fight with all your might to make his academic experience fit him and HIS needs. So many parents of kids with learning problems fight the truth harder than they fight for their children to get what they need. I understand that they are motivated by caring, love, and concern, and sometimes even guilt, but the most effective parents are those who accept their children just as they are and quit trying to make them fit into someone else's shoes. I know. I am a mom, too.

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