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    That sounds SO much better....
    By sj

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    I've been part of a 5-teacher team that traded out kids for one one-hour period a day for the past 7-8 years in 1st grade and loved it. I agree that we have to respect each teacher's style. For the past 4 years our 6th teacher in our grade chose not to participate in the teaming. That made her no less of a good teacher, and we worked hard to still include her as a part of the grade level team--and did a pretty good job of it, if I do say so myself! Last year's 2nd did pretty much what you've described, with the kids only moving a couple of times. They said that was just about perfect--it cut down on how many preparations each teacher had to make but didn't move the kids too much. I think I would really like the way you've described. Plus, we all have certain subjects we hate/love and are better at teaching. This is SO hectic! From the time the kids walk in my room on Monday a.m. until they walk out the door Monday p.m. they will have gone IN through doorways 16 times! I think you hit the nail on the head about admin ego. I could tell you many more tales of what's been done since this admin came last Jan.--but it would sound more like a teacher's horror movie than truth! I think we teachers do, usually, respect different styles--but our admins try to force square pegs into round holes so all their blanks will be filled in for state audits, etc. The last audit we had was so full of lies it was a joke....but we LOOKED GOOD! Unfortunately, some of the things done to look good weren't good. Now I'll step down from MY soapbox! I think the 2nd teachers will eventually make this thing stay afloat, but with no mutual planning time it may be a rough ride. The first step will be to find a balance between what the ex-intermediate teachers feel comfortable with and what the still-primary teachers think.

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