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    out of control
    By ally

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    hi, I am in my third year of teaching K and it is always different.There are 5 k classes in my school and they all have children who misbehave. this year I too have a difficult class but yours really takes the prize! We have a teacher center with an experience teacher that has the best attitude and advice. She will come and observe the class and then give advice on how best to work with the group or particular students. I have about 3 boys who like to start trouble with other children and that gets things going in class.Once one of them used the middle finger and kids started freaking out. I said"okay" I see that finger I have a thumb and started singing the song everyone joined in and we never heard another word again.It is difficult but I hope things clear up. Just remember don't say you are going to do something and not go through with it, remember to not say something that is not possible. With rowdy kids who really want to have a limit they are looking at you to set the rules and if you can't keep it real it will never work out. good luck,

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