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    rows and centers
    By 1,2,3, teacher

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    Don't feel bad about keeping your class in rows. It took me a long time to work up to putting kids in groups.Management is eaisier when everyone is facing front. When they are in rows you can still have them push together desks to make a group for a certain activity and then go back when its over. Also I would only do partner grouping for the first part of the year. When they show they can handle it you can put two partner sets together.Also keep the tasks and activities simple.
    When starting centers you may want to start with one center while the rest of the class works independently. Then move up to two when they seem ready. Keep the work time short like 10 minutes at first. Then just practice moving to the center cleaning up and so on.A listening center is a good first center because it is simple and quiet.For the rest of the class you can put a list on the board of what they should be doing so the won't bug you when done. Like 1. Make a list of all the words you can make with these letters ... 2. Put your spelling words in a sentence. 3. Read this week's story and make a list of all the descriptive words. Then note where to put everything when done and can they get out of their seat for this or that.
    Start simple and build up to complex!

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