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    By Helen

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    -Have students guess whether a pumpkin will sink or float..drop into a tub of water (it floats)
    Then try other objects.

    _make pumpkin bread or pie in class

    _Carve a pumpkin, take out seeds and count(tally), then roast the pumpkin seeds..serve as a treat .

    -Write stories about your pumpkins or about what you did.

    -Give each child a minipumpkin (available at some grocery stores) and let him/her look it over carefully...then put in a pile and have them find their own pumpkin. Talk about attributes, descriptive words etc.

    -have several small pumpkins available and have children estimate which is heavier etc..use balance scale and check the answer.

    -have students measure the circumference of pumpkins using yarn then graph the results.

    -do same as above but measure height.
    -You might compare these results to the results of the weighing.

    -Plant pumpkin seeds

    -Do a sequencing cut and paste, showing seed to fruit.

    -There is a book called FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Mine is at school...cannot remember publisher. But it has many good activities with apples, ice cream, pumpkins etc. You might look there for some good center activities. I will be using some this week on pumpkins/apples.

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