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    By JenniferL

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    I do all sorts of crazy things with spelling/vocab/word wall words. Nothing requires any preparation...just kids, energy, and their bodies.

    Snap and Spell: Say in a chant: "We're gonna snap and spell cap. C-A-P cap" Snap on each letter, clap when you say the word at the end.

    Stomp and Spell: Same as above except you stomp on the letters and jump when you say the word.

    Cheerleader/Football Players (yes, I know it's sexist...sorry) Girls are cheerleaders, boys are football players. Girls say: "Give me a C" Boys say "C". continue spelling whole word...then Girls ask "What does that spell?" BOys say "CAP!"

    Super Star Spelling: I give each child invisible stars that they hold in their hand(ok, it's really air, but they love it anyhow). By spelling the whole word, they make their stars twinkle. Each time we say a letter to spell the word, we throw a handful of stars into the air. Then we say the word that we just spelled at the end and we hold our hands way high in the air and wiggle our fingers to "twinkle" like super spelling stars.

    Then there's the timeless trick of spelling like giants, robots, teeny tiny mice, ghosts, or ANYTHING that comes to mind. I let the kids come up with those ideas, and then whoever had the idea gets to lead the class. They love that!

    OK, that's just some ideas. They don't require any work ahead of time, and they are great for those five minutes before it's time to line up for lunch and you need a filler. The kids LOVE all of these, but their favorite is stomp and spell. It gets a little out of control sometimes, so we don't do that one very often. They are thrilled to get to snap and spell, though. That's a hit.

    If you want any more crazy ideas like these, I have a bunch. I'd be happy to post more if anyone wants them. Let me know...happy spelling!

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