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    Silent Math
    By Emily5th

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    When I taught 2nd grade (and even now in 5th) I used to play Silent Math. We would line up along the wall and I would use my hands to create math problems for them to answer. For addition I would cross my fingers like a plus sign and for subtraction I would just put one finger up sideways. I would then do 2 fingers + 8 fingers and the first one to put the answer up in fingers would win. They liked this.

    I also play Line-up math. In line I give a problem to the first student (like 5+8) if the answer is right, I turn to the next student and say "minus 5" and they take the answer from the previous problem and subtract five. Then I move to the next person in line and say "x 4" then they take the answer from the previous problem and multiply it by 4. They really have to be paying attention to the problem ahead of them if they're going to get it right. They really like this one!

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