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    Curly Tailed Cat Mobiles
    By sj

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    1. 8 x 12 black construction paper
    2. lid from small can of coffee for circle patterns which will become the head, hips, and tail of the cat
    3. 4" square of green paper, from which pointed-end ovals will be cut for the eyes
    4. white crayon for outlinine on the black paper
    5. scissors & glue
    6. Fold a piece of construction paper so that you have made two long, tall triangles. Cut others from tag paper to use for patterns for the cat body
    1. Trace around the lid four times so that you have four black circles. Trace around the triangle tag paper pattern once to have a tall triangular body, Glue on of the circles on the top of the tall triangle, forming the head. Cut another circle in half and glue each half to the sides of the triangle to form hips of the cat. For the fourth circle, begin cutting about 1/4 " from the edge, spiraling in until you reach the middle and have created a coil out of the circle. Glue the center part of the coil to the backside of the cat between the hips and you have a long, curly tail for the cat. Now you are ready to cut freehanded (or teacher can make tag patterns) for the ears and green eyes. Punch a hole in the top of the head and hang the curly-tailed cates around the room from the light fixtures. They're really cute and liven up the room with an October theme.

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