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    I want to offer you a perspective. I am a person who is rapidly becoming more aware of mental health issues due to personal experience with family members. And, although I struggle to excuse behavior of adults, I am finding that irrational behavior that exists with adults can often be related to a mental health issue. Whether it is bipolar, obsessive compulsive, depressed, or anxiety, there are many people that exist in the world that may have these issues, undiagnosed or diagnosed.

    What you may be dealing with, in these parents and children, are mental health issues, that you as a rational, educated person, feel challenging you as a teaching professional.

    This adults behavior is TOTALLY inappropriate. Is it possible, that you are dealing with an individual who has a problem in his brain chemistry to comprehend the struggles you are communicating with him/her? As a teacher, it is not your job to diagnose or even solve these communication issues that may be a result of a mental health problem in the case of the adults.

    However, the child is completely a different issue. I suggest that you document, document, document. Anger management issues can be a symptom of a mental health problem. And by no means, am I a mental health professional, but I understand that this child's behavior may be disturbing. It may be an early indication of a serious MEDICAL problem. What you can do is bring the behavior to the attention to professional who are skilled in evaluating behavior issues at your school. You can gather evidence for this child that he needs support beyond what you, a regular classroom teacher can give him or her. Maybe, he doesn't have the capacity or wiring to effectively deal with or comprehend the extent of his innapropriate behavior. I am not making excuses for his behavior, but it is important to determine whether he has or doesn't have the capacity to act appropriately. His temper tantrums might be just learned behavior, or, they may be indications of a real health issue, which for many is hard to understand.

    I am eager to hear your thoughts on this, and once again, I am not a mental health professional, but am trying very hard to understand this type of illness. Perhaps MAYBE this could be a factor.

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